Colville's Q&A: Kavel Rafferty

In your words how did you first connect with Colville?
My sister Michele worked with Molly and Lucinda for years.. So thank you for the introduction sis! Molly also helped me out at the beginning of my career, by introducing me to an Illustration agent, I'm still represented by them to this day, another thank you.
What link do you see between your work and Colville's?
We are all big fans of colour, I love how Colville uses print, scale and colour in all their collections.
What are your influences?
I have so many, I can be inspired by a strange colour combo I see on the street, I take a lot of photos of well worn walls... My favorite places are flea markets!
I love outsider art, self taught artists, the naivety, the freedom, and the obsessive nature, that's amazing to me.
How have you been influenced creatively through your life?
Music, art, photography, old signage, an overheard conversation on the street. Pretty much everything that goes on around me adds to what I do.
When did you discover you wanted to work as an artist?
I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing and making. I don't think I ever had any doubt I wanted to work in the arts, even before I knew being an artist could be a job.
Molly and Lucinda love to collaborate, how did you feel when you saw your artwork on the clothes/pieces/product?
It was the biggest thrill to be asked to collaborate with Colville, and then to see my work interpreted as clothing, incredible. To see samples in real life is so exciting and to imagine people walking around wearing one of my prints, just a massive buzz.
Tell us more about the process of making your paintings and the inspiration behind them?
The flower postcard series started in the pandemic, working small made sense as I was limited on space. I'm interested in redaction, covering things up. Making something strangely beautiful out of found materials. Abstracting the flowers I guess, to their purest form, they become silhouettes of flowers once you begin removing the detail. I started with ink on cards, and eventually discovered enamels and gloss paints had a beautiful contrast with the patina of the aged images.
We’d love to hear about your relationship with flowers and if nostalgia plays an important part in your work?
My dad used to say, ¨if I was down to my last fiver, I'd spend it on flowers¨, that's stuck with me.
Flowers have so much meaning, that's fascinating to me, love, romance, memorial, names, flowers all play a part in our rituals, in our lives.
It's great to give or receive flowers isn't it? They bring such joy. Colour again!
I love collecting old stuff, I wonder if that means I'm nostalgic, maybe.
Your colour choice is exquisite and is what drew Lucinda and Molly to your work, can you tell us what does colour mean to you?
I sometimes challenge myself to make an 'ugly' combination of colours work, I love how I can do that. I saw a kelly green and deep brown colour pairing on a London bus once, like twenty years ago, it's stuck with me all this time, I still use that combo in my work.